Transformers 5 spoilers, release date: Bumblebee voice actor Mark Ryan says he was misquoted on rumors around two plots; Wahlberg's return is still possible


Bumblebee himself has shot down rumors of two plotlines for the Transformers 5 movie revolving around Optimus Prime and Cybertron, and another one involving an epic battle with Unicron.

Mark Ryan, who is the voice behind the charming Autobot Bumblebee debunked the statements attributed to him by online publications, which has, in recent weeks fueled internet rumors about the coverage of the fifth movie. Incidentally, still very little is known about the next installment in the franchise.

“I’m totally stunned about the current and false online chatter about TF-5 and comments I did not make! I have never given an official interview regarding TF-5, nor would I even utter the words Unicron or Quintessons! I’m not in a position to! This is all online speculation and hype because I was misquoted from a casual chat with a fan at an event in the UK,” Ryan is quoted by Movie News Guide.

Since Ryan has denied the plot involving Optimus and the Unicrons, could rumors that Mark Wahlberg will return to the franchise ring true, despite the actor’s earlier statement of passing the baton to someone else?

Also, there are rumors that with Wahlberg’s return, the Dinobots may also make another appearance in the franchise after they became Autobots in Age of Extinction, following Prime’s defeat of Grimlock.

It seems that for actual confirmation, fans would have to wait until a final announcement is made by Paramount.

On a positive note, a Deadline report has indicated that the latest meeting of the writers has resulted in a concrete plan for the movie, which reportedly supports the return Mark Wahlberg as Cade Yeager. Meanwhile, Ant Man writers Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari have been tapped to write the story for the animated feature while head of writers’ room Akiva Goldsman takes point on Transformers 5.

The final details of the film are expected to be released once the ideas have been discussed with producer Steven Spielberg.

Transformers 5 is currently set for a 2017 release.