Transformers 5: Plot not likely to take place in outer space; film will still have human element, producer assures


Even as Paramount moves ahead with Transformers 5, and beefs up its writers’ room with some of the biggest talents in Hollywood, it remains unconfirmed what path the franchise will take after Transformers: Age of Extinction, headlined by Mark Wahlberg.

In an interview with the actor, he remained non committal on whether or not he will reprise his character for the next movie.

“Some people think of [Age of Extinction] as a sequel. We thought of it more as a stand-alone thing. I’ve never done a sequel,” Wahlberg said in an Air Herald report.

Director Michael Bay had also left the franchise to work on something different but was lured back into the franchise again by the idea of a pool of creative minds working simultaneously on ideas for the next movies.

In terms of story, possible plots being circulated on the internet, the first is that the film could be a prequel set in Cybertron, thus doing away with the human component of the fight between the Autobots and the Decepticons,

However, another report from IGN shot down the idea and quoted Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura’s denial of the rumor

We want our humans with us. So going to space might force an all-Transformers movie, and while I think some fans would love that, I think other fans would be disappointed they don’t have humans. So I think that’s the creative decision we’ve got to face about that idea,” he said.

There are also rumors hinting that Optimus Prime may go up against a giant transformer called Unicorn.

Heading the pool of writers working on the script are Akiva Goldsman, Andrew Barrer, Art Macum, Christina Hodson, Gabriel Ferran, Geneva Robertson-Dworet, Jeff Pinker, Ken Nolan, Lindsay Beer, Matt Hollowat, Robert Kirkman, Steven S. DeKnight and Zak Penn.