'Transformers 5' plot news, updates: More autobots to be introduced; storyline might be divided into two; Michael Bay confirmed to direct movie


The successful “Transformers” film franchise is not yet over. With confirmation from Steven J. Davis, president of Hasbro Studios, that “Transformers 5, 6, 7, and 8” are already being mapped out, fans are already excited to know what will happen to Optimus Prime and the other Autobots.

According to Movie News Guide, the plot of the fifth installment might see the inclusion of some of the robots from the “Transformers” novels. Speculated as members of Ultra Magnus’ team, the robots could be Scourge, Override, Red Alert, Cyclonus, and Blitzwing.

The same website also speculated that the upcoming movie might revolve around two storylines. The first one will focus on Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) and how he teamed up with Dinobots to save the Earth. On the other hand, the second one will be about Optimus Prime. The latter will deal with the Autobot leader’s quest to look for the Quintessons or their originators.

Meanwhile, Ecumenical News said that a new villain might be introduced in “Transformers 5.” Named Unicron, the robot is known as the “chaos bringer” in the Transformers universe. His plans for domination include absorbing planets and solar systems to gain more power, knowledge, and strength.

As for who will direct the upcoming movie, Michael Bay has been confirmed to direct the film. Hasbro’s Davis revealed that the veteran director will be involved in the project. “Well, you’re gonna see a new Transformers movie coming from Hasbro and Paramount and Michael Bay and our other partners.” He also mentioned that a group of writers led by Akiva Goldsman (“A Beautiful Mind”) held a workshop for three months to plot the next ten years of the franchise.

Although the official release date has not been released yet, filming will start next year, and the movie is due sometime in 2017.