Transformers 5 movie news sci-fi writers on board include Amazing Spiderman 2's Jeff Pickner and X-Men's Zack Penn; release date tipped for summer 2017


True to its name, Paramount Pictures made the cinematic universe possibility for Transformers of paramount importance. They began by getting the cream of the crop in the sci fi writing industry for the continuation of the franchise. Through Akiva Goldsman’s (I Am Legend) supervision, the best of the best was chosen to work alongside Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg.

For this run, however, Bay will work as a producer together with Spielberg, as Christianity Daily reports. He is still working on a Benghazi drama entitled ’13 Hours’ but will prioritize the Transformers franchise as soon as filming ends for his current task. Prior to an official yes from Bay’s camp, there was a rumor that his pupil Jonathan Liebesman who became famous for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was being considered to fill his shoes.

The new team of Transformers writers are meant to transform the franchise for the better: Jeff Pickner (Amazing Spiderman 2, Fringe, and Lost), Zack Penn (X-Men the Last Stand and Pacific Rim 2), Matt Holloway and Art Marcus (Iron Man), Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead). The casting of writers is an Optimus Prime level of goodness.

Mark Wahlberg is slated to return for two more movies at least , according to Christian Today. “Yeah, I committed to doing a couple more. I can’t speak for Mr. Bay, but something tells me we’ll be on set soon,” he says according to Christianity Daily.

The film is to be shown by summer of 2017 and the plot is still unknown. Wahlberg himself has made waves as a producer for Patriots’ Day, a film inspired by the 2013 Boston marathon suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

It was Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner who confirmed the showing date for Transformers 5. He did this at the 2015 Quarter 1 Earnings Conference Call of Hasbro, according to a report by the Gospel Herald. More than $1 billion was earned by the last Transformers film. The combined income of all four films amounted to almost $4 billion.