Transformers 5: Jetfire's voice actor Mark Ryan hints at two directions the film could take


Details of the fifth installment in the robotic franchise, “Transformers 5,” are still being kept under wraps but it does not stop fans speculating what could be included in the highly anticipated film.

Rumors have it that Beast Wars may make its debut with the Autobots transforming into different kinds of machine resembling animals, and Optimus Prime fighting off Quintessons. Producers have also confirmed that it seems unlikely that there will be a crossover between Transformers and “G.I. Joe.”

Meanwhile, actor Mark Ryan who voiced over the transformer Jetfire, recently spoke about the project during “Wings and Wheel” convention in United Kingdom.

The 59-year old star revealed that the movie may take two directions. The first one focuses on Cade and Co. with the Autobots taking center stage in the adaptation instead of the plot revolving around human characters. The other story reportedly may see Optimus Prime heading to space to confront a giant transformer called Unicron.

Although he did not confirm which of the two is gaining more traction to be put into the narrative, he mentioned that production will start sometime next year in preparation for the release in 2017.

It was previously reported that Mark Wahlberg stated that he will be back for the sequel with Michael Bay possibly involved in the franchise that he originally helmed.

Confirmed writers include Akiva Goldsman as the head, Andrew Barrer, Art Macum, Christina Hodson, Gabriel Ferran, Geneva Robertson-Dworet, Jeff Pinker, Ken Nolan, Lindsay Beer, Matt Hollowat, Robert Kirkman, Steven S. DeKnight and Zak Penn.

DeKnight stated that they began plotting out stories as they take some cues from the popular television shows and the successful Star Wars films. He described the writers’ room as “the best I’ve ever seen in my life.” But it seems that it will take a while before they decide on the final storyline.