Tracy Morgan news: Actor talks about his new film and near-fatal accident


Comedian Tracy Morgan has appreciated life more than ever after surviving from a life-threatening incident.

Speaking with Variety during the premiere of his “Fist Fight” comedy movie, the 48-year-old actor discussed the joy of being alive and the importance of forgiveness.

“I am just happy to be alive,” Morgan admitted. “The key thing for me was to forgive that driver. My wife told me about forgiveness before I started back that you have to forgive everything and everybody or you can’t move forward,” the comedian added.

The actor was also thankful for the support of his co-stars, Ice Cube, Charlie Day, and Jillian Bell; and the film’s director Richie Keen. “I was able to just start being funny again,” he stated. In the new movie, Morgan played a silly high school sports coach.

Meanwhile, in his recent interview with USA Today, Morgan is totally back on his feet. He threw a couple of ludicrous remarks like he how he did on “Saturday Night Live” from 2006 to 2013. He even shared his “hilarious” view of heaven.

Morgan stated that when he gets to heaven, “God is going to slap me on the (bottom) and say ‘Good job! Your parents and grandmom are back there waiting for you. Richard Pryor asked for you and Jackie Gleason is looking for you.'”

With regards to getting older, the “30 Rock” actor asserted that he’s taking his time in the morning. He doesn’t jump out of bed anymore like he did when he’s younger. He compared himself to an old Buick that needs to be warmed up before it hits the road.

Back in 2014, the stand-up comedian got involved in a car accident in New Jersey. Morgan, with six other people, was riding a limousine when a tractor trailer hit the limousine from behind and crashed other vehicles. Morgan was in a critical condition at that time.