Top Wellness Trends of 2015: health buffs are loving group workouts and dance parties


Cannabis, Barre workouts, group treadmills, party yoga, juicing and mindful eating are getting the most nods when it comes to the top trends this year.

Originally posted by Spafinder, one of the best trend forecasters in the industry, the legalization of marijuana among different states in America and some countries have given the medicinal plant an upscale transformation. More spas are predicted to use the plant to offer some services using non-high-inducing but pain-relieving topical products. They might also be used as an ingredient for beauty products.

Spafinder chief brand officer Mia Kyricos said that their research this year took a different direction.

“In our 12 years of trends-tracking, we have never seen spa/wellness concepts go so deep and global, be so meaningful and move in so many surprising, provocative directions,” she said in a report byTravel Market. 

Meanwhile, Well+Good revealed that group workouts in various forms seem to be taking center stage among health enthusiasts.

Treadmill workouts done by group and facilitated by instructors have begun to grow among fitness studios. Using the same entertaining manner as spin class, the instructors lead the group with the help of great music.

The report also added that group yoga is now being incorporated in parties. This is a new trend in socializing, wherein people gather at a nightclub to do some poses and stretches. If a person prefers morning over sweating out at night, there are also dance parties along the lines of Zumba dancing but facilitated by DJs, being offered in some concert venues.

Another workout that is deemed to become a household name and become as popular as CrossFit and Yoga, is Barre class. The report mentioned that it is inspired by warm-ups done by ballerinas to stretch while targeting specific muscles to be sculpted.

Moreover, the old saying of “watch what you eat” is becoming a common practice among many.

People are said to be more concerned now on how much calories and fat they are taking within the day. They also tend to drink more juice — not just plain green juice but liquids which target certain body parts they want to keep healthy or may provide the nutrients they are looking for. Sugar is also said to be the new trans-fat as more individuals are opting the substance out of their meals, to keep away from one of the main causes of many health problems, the report added.