TomTom Spark review: four models with different strengths


The IFA event in Berlin this year unveiled many interesting devices including fitness trackers and smartwatch devices.

Among these devices is TomTom’s Spark GPS fitness trackers, which PC Advisor said will be released on October in four models Spark, Spark Cardio, Spark Music and Spark Cardio+ Music.

All four TomTom Spark devices carry integrated music player, built-in heart rate monitor, 24/7 activity tracking, multi-sport functionality and GPS, TomTom’s Managing Director, Corrine Vigreux, said in a article.

Despite revealing the features of its fitness trackers, TomTom has not yet released details on the devices’ pricing, the article said.

The basic Spark model, ZDNet, carries only the basic sleep tracking, GPS, and activity monitoring features, and does not have the heart rate monitor.

However, PC Advisor said, the device is water resistant, very lightweight and features a durable-looking plastic strap. The strap is available in small and large versions, with the former coming in black and purple variants, while the large strap is offered in black or brown colors.

The Spark Music, on the other hand, will also let you store 3GB worth of music in addition to the basic functionalities found in all models, but without the heart rate monitor. The device only supports wireless Bluetooth headsets, but TomTom assured users that it supports a wide range of Bluetooth headset brands.

The third device, the Spark Cardio, does not support music playback but is equipped with a heart monitor.

The fourth model, ZDNet said, carries the most complete line of features. The device combines the 3GB storage feature of the Spark Music with the heart rate monitor of the Spark Cardio plus the basic GPS as well as the activity and sleep monitoring features.

In addition to its TomTom MySports app, the Spark range of fitness trackers supports third party exercise apps like Runkeeper, reported.