'Tom Clancy's The Division' Survival DLC release date, latest rumors: expansion pack expected to be much better than Underground DLC


Ubisoft took a huge gamble by developing an online-exclusive game using its highly popular third-person shooter genre with “Tom Clancy’s The Division.” Released in March, the game was a massive commercial success, even earning praise from critics. But five months after its record-breaking first-day sale, the game seems to have fallen out of favor for shooter video game fans, the reason for which is because there haven’t been recent updates, plus the fact that the game reportedly has a number of glitches and bugs.

Per Mobile & Apps, “The Division” may have been well-received at first, but a bad ending script coupled with poor online support are forcing gamers to get more and more impatient, unless of course Ubisoft could figure out a way to fix the issues. The game developer’s latest expansion, “Underground,” was met with a decent feedback, but not really in a sense that it could have predicted. Many fans of the game thought they were getting more.

Good news for fans is that several news outlets have reported about a new downloadable content (DLC) called “Survival” which will potentially be released this September. The best proof of this new content is the trailer Ubisoft released in last June’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). “The Division’s” associate creative director Julian Gerighty told the media during E3 2016 that the new expansion pack will be providing a very much improved version of “The Division.” He even went as far as saying that the game could be played in a whole new way.

According to Christian Today, the “Survival” DLC will test a player’s survival instincts and endurance as the game character is exposed to the harshest conditions possible, including that of an extreme winter season in Manhattan, where they will have to scavenge for food because their supplies have run out.

There’s no official release date for the moment, but expect the “Survival” DLC for “Tom Clancy’s The Division” to arrive before the end of the year.