'Tom Clancy's The Division' survival DLC news, spoilers: 'Division Survival' to arrive on Nov. 22


Ubisoft has just released an explosive spoiler on “Tom Clancy’s The Division” in a beta test phase available only through Public Test Servers (PTS). “Division Survival” will be out on desktops and Xbox One on Nov. 22.

“The Division” will strategically attack on a synthetic virus that is the enormous menace waiting to destruct the city of New York. The game will slowly reach the climax that is the chaotic portion. “The Division” accepts the challenge and will unravel the mystery on who is responsible for the virus.

Here are some more spoilers to keep up the gamers’ excitement. “The Division” further puts more mechanics to the game. One big challenge for the players is how to keep their body temperature. Of course, they have to be resourceful by burning barrels, wearing thick clothes and other ingenuous methods of keeping themselves warm. Gamers will suffer from horrible conditions after a tragic incident  their chopper being destroyed by a snowstorm.

“The Division” agents have the ability to find the information regarding a possible antidote for the pandemic. This can only be done by extracting the said antidote from the Dark Zone.

Worse than one can ever imagine, there were lots of complaints received, saying the game was dry and repetitive. According to a report released by website PC Games N, there was an incident wherein more than 90 percent of the Steam player base abandoned the game.

The same report indicated a record drop of daily players, plummeting from a peak of 113,877 gamers to just below 7,247 players. However, Ubisoft remained supportive and promised more updates are coming.

The game will need 24 people to finish the quest that runs for two hours.  Anyone who happens to own the PC version of “The Division” will have an access to the PTS via Uplay. However, he has to be the owner of the game’s Season Pass for him to play that specific aspect.