'Tom Clancy's The Division' news: Vendor reset details


“Tom Clancy’s The Division” recently updated its Vendor items in the latest Vendor reset event. This time, the weapon and item blueprints that have been made available and obtainable by players focuses on Gear Score 204 and higher levels.

YouTube game blogger Arekkz scoured for all the item and weapon blueprints that have been added in the Vendor reset. Item locations include the DZ03 Safe Room, the DZ05, the Base of Operations, the GS 204, and finally, Underground, too.

Items that were made available include blueprints for the Electronics Holster which cost 121,086 DZ Funds, Tactical M1911 for 212,448 DZ Funds, and the Extended Magazine for 142,106 DZ Funds. Furthermore, the Enhanced PP-19 can be purchased for 632 Phoenix Credits, a Police 686 Magnum for 503 Phoenix Credits, and a Classic RPK-74 for 243,414 DZ Funds.

The Vendor reset is part of the new set of in-game events that Ubisoft has launched for “The Division,” as part of their appreciation and giving back to the players who have been supporting the game ever since it was launched more specifically, for players who have bought the Season Pass for the game.

Initially, players who have bought for themselves the game’s Season Pass would only be able to get all future downloadable content (DLC) immediately for free, nothing more and nothing less. Now, Ubisoft has implemented changes that would be rewarding Season Pass owners with free exclusive items in the game. Aside from the regular Vendor reset event featuring premium items, Season Pass holders would also be getting special item chests that would be dropped somewhere within the map Manhattan. Each special chest that contains a number of gears and weapons would be guarded by a group of Level 32 NPCs, though players should find it easy enough to breeze through them.

The Vendor reset, as well as the chest drop-off in the game, would be coming on a weekly basis.