'Tom Clancy's The Division' news: Latest maintenance work brings greater weapon damage and more kill volumes


After going offline twice earlier this week, all servers of “Tom Clancy’s The Division” are now fully back online, equipped with some tweaks and patches for a number of bugs previously encountered by players.

Ubisoft took to Twitter to announce the good news after a down time of approximately three hours. “The maintenance is now over and all servers are back online. Thank you for your patience,” they stated.

The latest modifications bring adjustments to player versus player (PvP)’s weapon damage modifier in order for players to deal about 20 percent more damage to each other. The feature however does not impact skill damage. More kill volumes were also incorporated to the Dragon’s Nest map. Gamers will now find that when they are exiting the map area, characters will be automatically killed.

The aforementioned updates followed the recent major patch the developers made in the game. According to official notes, some of the alterations made previously include reducing the base damage of all G36 Assault Rifles by 15 percent, fixed the recalibration of weapons, loading of Megamap and preventing the mission user interface (UI) to break when using the Evacuation Point in Underground.

There are also additional improvements such as Alpha-Bridge Gloves not missing their attributes, music now continues to play while logging out of an Incursion, PP-19 submachine gun now yields a free Talent, and the Sentry Gear Set bonus is correctly applied when The Showstopper automatic shotgun is used.

Moreover, Signature Skill will not cause a visual effect to all nearby players instead of group members; players will not die when returning to certain missions after spawning in a safe house; weapon talents will not stack indefinitely while using the Alpha-Bridge Gear Set four-piece bonus; and yielding a random bonus, instead of the one selected in the UI is impeded.

When it comes to PC-specific fixes, only one has been mentioned by the developers the issue where players could use multiple consumables at the same time.

“Tom Clancy’s The Division” is now available across platforms.