'Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands' news: new details unveiled in new trailer


The new game, “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands,” will be present during the Electronic Entertainment Expo, and the fans of the franchise are excited about the revelations of Ubisoft during the said event.

It is said that the game will feature an open world that will give focus on the strategy of tactical shooting. The developers have mentioned before when the details about the new title were given during E3 2015 that it will be a first for the franchise to explore the possibilities of a sandbox type of game.

Another interesting detail is the setting of the new title of the franchise which would be in Bolivia, but with a much more futuristic setting. The team of developers was able to make some research on the place by actually going there in order to give the players an immersive experience of the country’s environment.

As mentioned in reports, there will be one location, Santa Blanca, will make players focus on preventing a syndicate of drug lords from causing more destruction to the citizens of the place. It is under the player’s discretion on how he will save the people inside the city, and their lives will be saved depending how the player does it.

A trailer of the game was recently shown. It showed a group black ops soldier traversing the harsh environments of Bolivia such as a desert that is scorching with heat, and a hill that is populated with rainforests. The other environments that were shown in the trailer were swampy areas and snow filled mountains that are being struck by a blizzard.

It is also suggested that the map of the game will be so massive that it will be larger than the map of “Division’s” Manhattan.

Ubisoft will give more details to the game on the upcoming E3 as well as their other games, “Watch Dogs 2” and “For Honor.”