'Tokyo Ghoul' season 3 release date, plot news: Next season to air in late 2017? Plot may follow manga's storyline


No specific release date has been announced for “Tokyo Ghoul” season 3, but speculations suggest that it will air in late 2017.

While there is no available information yet as to when “Tokyo Ghoul” season 3 might be released, fans speculate that it will follow the premiere of the live-action movie.

Given that the movie is expected to launch in mid-2017, it is likely that “Tokyo Ghoul” season 3 will be shown in the small screens in late 2017 or if not, in early 2018.

Other “Tokyo Ghoul” details being speculated include its title. It can be remembered that the last season was named “Tokyo Ghoul Root A.” If the next installment of the anime will follow the plot of the manga closely, it might as well be titled “Tokyo Ghoul: re,” which is also the title of the chapters that will be covered.

As for what will happen next after the season 2 finale, speculations suggest that viewers might see Ken Kaneki declare himself as the One-Eyed King after defeating Kishou Arima. There might also be a two-year jump if Studio Pierrot decides to stick to the original storyline this time around.

Other key events that can be expected in the next season include the formation of The Quinx Squad, which is formed with one goal in mind: to eliminate all ghouls. While humans are normally no match for ghouls, the members of this group are equipped with the ability to battle and kill ghouls.

Moreover, there may be no more Ken Kaneki next season. It is said that he will assume a new identity: an investigator named Haise Sasaki.

These are just rumors for now as no one knows exactly what the studio has in mind for “Tokyo Ghoul” season 3. As of now, fans can make do with the live-action movie as a stopgap before the anime resumes.