'Tokyo Ghoul' season 3 news: Kaneki KenArima battle brewing for anime's touted winter comeback


People working on the supposed third season of “Tokyo Ghoul” continue to be tight-lipped about whether the project is pushing through or not. Despite this, countless rumors all over the internet are popping up suggesting plot details and even a release date for the anime’s comeback.

The latest reports are suggesting that a battle between Kaneki Ken and Arima is somewhere in the pipeline for season 3 of “Tokyo Ghoul.” There have already been hints on the matter as the finale of season 2 previewed a snippet of a similar frame-by-frame development transpiring in the comic book iteration of the story. Hence, fans have been quick to speculate that should another serving of the show be ordered, it will follow through with the arc of “Tokyo Ghoul: re” which will lead up to the aforementioned duel.

Just recently, a fabricated story about Madhouse Entertainment allegedly taking over the reins of the show has been reported. The article explained that due to the flak that the first two seasons of the show have gotten from fans, the company decided to take over the project which in turn relegated Studio Pierrot to the sidelines. Unfortunately, the report has spread like wildfire with multiple fans banking on the article. But given that the source was Anime Maru, which is a satirical publication, the claims from the report have been ruled out as false.

On top of that, rumors have also been rife that season 3 of “Tokyo Ghoul” will be on the air sometime during the winter. This is despite the fact that the new installment has yet to be confirmed. Nevertheless, the smoke is enough for fans to continuously wait for the show which is also tipped to be releasing an accompanying mobile game that will run for both iOS and Android devices.

While the third season of “Tokyo Ghoul” is still shrouded with uncertainty, fans can still look forward to the live-action film based on the story. The movie is scheduled to come out sometime summer of next year.