'Titanfall 2' release date, news: Titans now subdivided into classes


Respawn Entertainment has finally released the mecha-driven, action-adventure, first-person shooter video game dubbed as “Titanfall 2.” It’s too early to tell though if the game has lived up to its hype as it was claimed that the sequel will be featuring stunning graphics and an upgraded battle system.

“Titanfall 2” was made available on all major gaming platforms on Oct. 28, and by now, fans are expected to have spent a significant amount of time getting familiarized with the game, especially with one of its main selling points the presence of weaponized mechs known as Titans.

In the game, the Titans are subdivided into several classes and players are advised to choose wisely on which Titan classification would best suit them. It has been noted that each of these war machines will have unique attributes that players can capitalize on while their characters are onboard.

Prior to the game’s release, the developer had already introduced some of the Titans and their specialties. One of the six playable mechs is a Titan named Scorch. Just based on its name alone, one can guess what this guy’s ability is. The iron behemoth is equipped with a weapon that fires flammable rounds of ammo perfect for roasting opponents.

Meanwhile, the Titan class dubbed as Ronin is suitable for players who prefer speed and close quarters combat. Ronin’s primary weapon is a triple-barreled shotgun known as the Leadwall that can push back close enemies, though it’s relatively weak when the enemy is quite far away.

Furthermore, there’s also a Titan known as Ion whose specialization is also close range battles. It dons a rapid-fire weapon known as the Splitter Rifle which spews out energy shots in quick succession.

At this time, the verdict is still out on whether the sequel has surpassed its predecessor in terms of wowing fans. However, based on early reviews, it seems that “Titanfall 2” is off to a great start.