'Titanfall 2' release date: Leak reveals game coming in October


Information about “Titanfall 2,” the sequel to 2014’s gigantic mecha multiplayer first person shooter “Titanfall,” has been leaked on the internet, revealing the game’s release date and new gameplay mechanics.

Shared on the “Titanfall” subsection on Reddit by user ilovegoogleglass, the post included what may very well be a poster for “Titanfall 2” if the poster’s details are true. The post has since been deleted, but its details were saved by member piccio_ssl on the Neogaf community forums.

According to the post, the game will be released sometime in October without giving a specific date. The leaked date is corroborated by previous reports about Electronic Arts’ revealed earnings reports, which indicated that the game will be released sometime in the third quarter of the fiscal year. As the period spans from October to December, ilovegoogleglass’ claims sit fully within the bounds of that timeframe.

“Titanfall 2” will also reportedly add new gameplay elements on top of those present in its predecessor, such as the addition of a new grappling hook which can allegedly be used “quite extensively.” The grappling hook can be used reportedly to assist in pilot free-running while on foot, against other players for tactical plays that might entail pulling each other while in the air, or even getting into one of the game’s gigantic mechanical Titans.

The inclusion of a grappling hook prompted swift comparisons to the manga and anime “Attack on Titan” on the Reddit posting, due to that work’s most famous plot elements being grappling equipment and similarly named Titans.

Other gameplay elements include the revelation that the game’s pre-order bonus will be a pistol weapon called the “Violator,” and that the game’s multiplayer maps will allegedly be bigger which imply a correspondingly higher player count for each map.

Developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, the original “Titanfall” pit players against each other in a multiplayer shooter environment that encouraged fast-paced action as well as 3-dimensional movement. The game’s most famous mechanic is the ability to pilot the game’s titular gigantic mechanical suits that can turn the tide of battle, though players in pilot form have enhanced mobility to try and even the odds.

If the leaked details hold true, then players will only have to wait about five months for the sequel “Titanfall 2.”