'Titanfall 2' DLC release news: Respawn announces plans for free DLC


First-person shooter fans have reason to be excited for the release of “Titanfall 2.” Not only are fans getting the sequel to “Titanfall” but developer Respawn Entertainment has also announced that its downloadable content (DLC) will be free.

The reason why the developers are making this move is because they don’t want to separate the gaming community of “Titanfall.” They want to make the DLC maps available for everyone so that everyone can play with each other. However, the only problem that the developers would be facing is that they will still have to pay the team that will create these post-launch maps.

Games Radar has spoken with Vince Zampella, a co-founder of Respawn, who explained their current dilemma.

“We still want to provide post launch content because people want it, but it’s not free to do. If we’re going to support the game that cost money,” he explained.

Respawn is really committed to the free DLC plan but are still figuring out how they will push through with it. Zampella added, “we haven’t got everything solved yet so that’s why it’s really hard to talk about it.”

Drew McCoy, the producer of “Titanfall 2,” seems to be very optimistic that it can work as long as there is trust between the developer and the players. He stated, “We need to trust the player and they need to trust us.” McCoy also added that the seemingly steep price of the game will be worth it. “Trust that if we do the right thing not sell maps and modes we’ll get more people investing with us, investing in the game as a whole. They’re going to trust us not screw them over and they can be happy with their $60 versions.”

Fans are hoping that it will really be worth their money since it was one of the strongest contenders during the recently held Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). “Titanfall 2” is slated to be released on Oct. 28, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.