'Titanfall 2' news: a couple of updates released shortly after launch


Even though there’s a glaring feedback issue for the recently launched first-person shooter video game, “Titanfall 2,” game developer Respawn Entertainment’s plans for making the game more intuitive and satisfactory to those who bought it looks to be undaunted. As a matter of fact, the company has been quite busy and preoccupied as of late that there seems to be no time to address criticisms.

According to PlayStation Lifestyle, right after releasing a minor server-related update for all game consoles, another update was made a couple of days back in order to fix some bugs, although Respawn didn’t elaborate what the bugs were. Nevertheless, the same report mentioned the changes to the game after only a few days since it was released. The list includes the Titans receiving 1 XP every round in the Last Titan Standing mode in order to keep uniformity with other modes, and Titans and Pilots that have active Titans will be able to earn XP when they kill other Titans.

Because the changes mentioned above were part of a server side update, it means that there is no need for gamers who purchased and installed the game to download anything once they log in to play.

In other news, those who bought a copy of “Titanfall 2” will likewise get a valuable freebie come Dec. 2, in the form of a downloadable map called “Angel City.” But for those who got the game by pre-ordering, earlier access to Angel City is at hand, more specifically on Nov. 28.

Notwithstanding a couple of updates that Respawn made available in a span of a week, there still is no denying that the PC version of the game is experiencing some concerning issues as of late. Gamingbolt recently reported about Origin, the client that game publisher EA utilizes for the PC version, preventing gamers from going online to play the game. So if ever Respawn schedules another update soon, PC gamers hope this problem will be given an immediate fix.