Tim Tebow news Will the former Eagles quarterback head to the Chicago Bears or the Dallas Cowboys?


Tim Tebow may have been dropped from the Eagles’ roster this season, but he appears a likely prospect for not only one but two teams.

According to FOX Sports, Tim Tebow has been brought up as a possible replacement for the injured Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys.

This suggestion was apparently made by none other than the governor of Texas himself, Greg Abbott.

Tony Romo was injured during the Cowboys’ match against the Philadelphia Eagles, Tebow’s former team, on Sunday. During the scuffle, the quarterback suffered a fractured left clavicle, and is expected to be out of action for a significant of time.

Forbes estimated that Romo will be resting for at least the next eight weeks.

FOX Sports was right to raise the concern that Tebow is a “risky proposition,” as he will have to take over the offense from Brandon Weeden shortly after signing on to the team.

Tebow has also been noticed by fans of another NFL team, and this time, it’s the Chicago Bears.

The Bears have also lost Jay Cutler to an injury that will keep him in the sidelines for a significant number of games this season.

The Sun Times reports that fans of the Bears are also calling on their home team to bring the former Eagle into their NFL club, apparently as a result of Governor Abbott’s call for the Cowboys to consider Tebow as a replacement for Romo.

According to the article, Bears fans have flooded the social networking website Twitter with posts suggesting that the Bears bring in Tebow.

“Oh man seeing Tim Tebow in a Bears uni would be AWESOME, have to bring in someone if Jay is out for some time,” one user said.