Tim Tebow news: Tebow shares his fixation on avocados


Tim Tebow has left the National Football League (NFL), and now, he’s a thriving baseball outfielder in the New York Mets. He’s still has a long way to go in order to join the major league of American professional baseball. To make sure he’s mentally and physically fit, Tebow enjoys eating avocados.

“100 percent,” Tebow admitted to GQ about his love for avocado. “I’m on something called a ketogenic diet which is high fat, moderate protein, low carb, low sugar. So I have to take in a lot of fat, and the number one fat comes from avocados,” he explained.

As part of his regular diet, the former NFL player indicated that he can consume four avocados a day. He usually adds the tropical fruit in his smoothies and as a guacamole dip.

Aside from avocados, Tebow’s favorite iced smoothie includes spinach, lemon, ginger, and protein power. He sometimes adds Cayenne and Stevia.

Although he’s an avocado devourer, the Mets prospect could not recognize a perfectly ripe avocado. “Even when some of them have gone slightly bad, I’ll still put it in my smoothie because you can’t even tell,” he stated. A well-balanced meal, for Tebow, should have fat, protein, and greens; thus, he eats eggs, Chilean sea bass, steak, and asparagus.

“For me it’s more than just trying to stay in shape for sports, it’s a way of life, of trying to be healthy,” said the young philanthropist.

Meanwhile, 29-year-old Tebow is currently in training under the watchful eye of Daniel Murphy, an ex-Mets player and National-level second baseman. The two are neighbors in Jacksonville, Florida.

In a recent interview with New York Post, Tebow shared that Murphy has been assisting him in improving his baseball abilities. He appreciated Murphy for his effective game analysis and his knowledge of the ins and outs of the sports.

The young athlete will be heading to Port St. Lucie, Florida for the Mets spring training.