'Thor: Ragnarok' spoilers, news: God of Thunder taps help of another Marvel superhero


As the Marvel Cinematic Universe grows rapidly with every movie, its lore gets more and more interconnected with references and character crossovers making things look more neatly packed up as a whole. An ideal example of this is the upcoming “Thor: Ragnarok.” The film may still be a year away from release but has already dropped a huge tease on what fans can look forward to in the God of Thunder’s (Chris Hemsworth) newest adventure.

Spoilers for “Doctor Strange” ahead; proceed with caution.

Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) may be very new to the MCU, but he does not waste time making friends with other specially gifted personas in the superhero realm. In the “Doctor Strange” post-credits scene, the Sorcerer Supreme welcomes a very important visitor in Thor. The two characters casually chat with Strange basically asking about the whole family drama involving the Asgardian royal family.

“[Director] Taika [Waititi] shot that I can’t say if it’s from Thor 3 or not, but we had our set up and were going to strike it after I finished shooting and it’s a very expensive set with the chamber of relics and the window and everything… I don’t know where they were on the script process, but it was before they were in production. Taika wrote that scene and came in and shot it,” “Doctor Strange” helmer Scott Derrickson revealed in a conversation with Den of Geek.

For months, it was rumored that Strange would be making a cameo in “Ragnarok” following the release of a set photo that had Thor holding Strange’s address. It now appears that it was the other way around, with the Mjolnir-wielding hero appearing in the Doctor’s newest workplace. That being said, the teaser ended with Strange offering Thor help in locating Odin (Anthony Hopkins) as the latter promised the former that after that they will leave Earth and trot back to their cosmic home.

This could mean that somehow, the new master of the mystic arts will also be making an appearance in the upcoming “Thor” threequel. This would fall along the same lines of “Ant-Man” having a post-credits scene directly lifted from “Captain America: Civil War.”

Having interconnected storylines for two MCU superheroes makes a lot of sense with the both of them being more adept to the supernatural realm that Marvel is trying to tap into. More so, with the reveal that Strange’s Eye of Agamotto is indeed an Infinity Gem, Thor naturally gets drawn to Strange. The last time people saw the Asgardian God in “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” he shared that he intended to delve deeper into the mysteries involving the famed stones.

With the promise that “Ragnarok” will be the most out-there Marvel film to date, the space road trip movie also boasts a stellar cast with the involvement of fellow Avengers member, Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) in his Hulk form. Given that the Planet Hulk storyline is said to be briefly touched upon in the film, it can be expected that the two supposed pals will be going at it with each other until they patch things up and become allies again.

“Thor: Ragnarok” hits theaters on Nov. 3, 2017, a year after “Doctor Strange” makes its debut this coming Friday, Nov. 4.