Thor: Ragnarok release date, plot: will Thanos appear in third installment? is it the end for Thor?


Despite different reactions from film viewers regarding the recent Marvel movie, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, fans remain excited in anticipating the succeeding movies from Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Avengers series ends with parting of ways from the original casts and replaced by a new squad. Prior to being disassembled as a team, Thor went back to confront Asgard and the infinity stones, which was pivotal in the Avengers movie. As the saga continues, a closer look on Thor’s next adventures can reveal another exciting and perhaps one of the most important parts of Marvel movies.

Thor: Ragnarok, the third installment of the story of Thor, will set ground on confrontations with Loki, who is now disguised as Odin. The plot hints at the end of the world and may result in deaths. In Norse mythology, Ragnarok implies a series of tragic events, including the great battle that will result in the death of gods like Odin, Heimdallr, Thor, and Loki.

This could suggest that it may also be the end of Thor, either through death or through relinquishing his power to a “female Thor” in relation to the recent Marvel comic book revelation of him passing the hammer Mjolnir to Jane Foster.

Thor 3 will also confront the infinity stones. Four of the stones were already revealed in the past Marvel movies and it is believed that when all six stones are collected, will result in the Infinity Gauntlet  immortality and immense powers. However, it is not yet confirmed if Thanos, who will be able to possess all six, will make his appearance in this installment.

Thor: Ragnarok is set to be released on November 3, 2017. Until then, fans can enjoy the rest of the Marvel characters with Ant Man on July 2015, Captain America: Civil War on May 2016, Doctor Strange on November 2016, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on May 2017, and The Spectacular Spider Man on July 2017. Other much-anticipated releases from Marvel are, Avengers: Infinity War Part I on May 2018, Black Panther on July 2018, Captain Marvel on November 2018, Avengers: Infinity War Part II on May 2019, and Inhumans on July 2019.