'Thor: Ragnarok' spoilers: Vincent Lascoumes joins crew; Chris Evans thinks Norse god will be Team Cap; director Joe Russo believes he's a wildcard


Details regarding the third installment of Marvel’s Norse god franchise “Thor: Ragnarok” are being kept under wraps. Only bits of information regarding crew members are being revealed and which possible team Thor (Chris Hemsworth) may take if he becomes part of the upcoming war between superheroes.

According to Variety, APA Agency has booked Vincent Lascoumes, who previously worked in “Divergent” to be the first assistant director for the film, to be helmed by Taika Waititi.

The director previously revealed his plans on changing the entire film to make it more fresh, “Nobody knows what Ragnarok is. I started reading about the actual Norse Ragnarok and that’s even more insane than the comics. Crazy! But that’s what I’m going to really concentrate on, really make an effort to change the entire thing,” he said.

“For me, I want to treat this as if it was the first Thor film, so we’re going to redo it. You just have to flip it and freshen it up, like anything. It’s also part of a very well-established universe right now, but that’s why they got me,” he added.

Meanwhile, even though Thor and Bruce Banner’s Hulk will not be appearing in the upcoming massive showdown between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark in “Captain America: Civil War” some of the fans are said to be curious on which side they may take.

Chris Evans, who portrays Captain America, revealed his thoughts during the recent question and answer panel hosted by Buzzfeed. He speculated that since Banner’s love interest Natasha Romanoff also known as Black Widow during “The Avengers: Age of Ulton” is in Team Iron Man, it is possible that he may also be in it.

“They may be on Tony’s side. Ruffalo [Hulk] would probably be on Tony’s side. He’s got Scarlett [Black Widow]. Maybe we get Hemsworth [Thor],” he said.

However, director Joe Russo believes otherwise. He cited the long-running animosity between Banner and General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross and the character’s general mistrust of the government and military. “Can’t imagine Banner siding with Ross and the government. Thor is more of a wildcard,” Russon stated.

When Robert Downey Jr. was asked about his opinion, “It’s a forgone conclusion. Bruce and Tony are Science Bros,” he quipped.

“Thor: Ragnarok” is slated to hit the big screens on July 18, 2017.