'Thor: Ragnarok' cast news: Tom Hiddleston has no idea about Loki


Villain Loki played by British actor Tom Hiddleston in the “Thor” film series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe might not return in the upcoming movie “Thor: Ragnarok.”

In an interview with Coming Soon.net during his press junket for the movie “Crimson Peak,” Hiddleston said, “I think I won’t be able to help it if I ever play him again, and I just don’t know when that’s gonna happen, if that’s gonna happen. I would never lose his dimension, but it’s so interesting. I’ve talked with Chris Hemsworth, how those characters have changed as we’ve changed. It’s five years ago since I played him for the first time.”

Meanwhile, in an interview with Collider, Hiddleston said that he does not know anything about what will happen to his character or in the movie itself. He reiterated that he “literally has nothing to give.”

The probable absence of Loki in the third installment of “Thor” comes as a surprise considering that in the end of “Thor: The Dark World,” he successfully tricked Thor and Odin into thinking that he was killed by a dark elf in Svartalfheim. He then returned to Asgard and stole the throne from Odin, who was played by Anthony Hopkins. Nothing was mentioned of Loki in “Avengers: Age of Ultron.”

Eric Eisenberg of Cinema Blend reports that fans should not expect Tom Hiddleston’s character to have a central role as a villain in the upcoming movie. He might play a supporting role, and the main villain would be Thanos as played by Josh Brolin. This will set up the storyline of “Avengers: Infinity Wars.”

Hitting theaters on November 3, 2017, “Thor: Ragnarok” will be the fifth installment in the third phase of films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It will be followed by “Avengers: Infinity War Part 1” (2018), “Black Panther” (2018), “Captain Marvel” (2018), and ” Avengers: Infinity War Part 2″ (2019).