'This Is Us' season 2 plot news, spoilers: Show's creator talks about next season's plot

A promotional image for "This Is Us" (Facebook/NBCThisIsUs)

At least Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) did not have the same fate as William’s (Ron Cephas Jones), or at least, not yet. The season finale episode of “This Is Us” exposed the other side of Jack. His marriage with Rebecca (Mandy Moore) has been put to a tragic test, and the result of it will be detailed in the next season, says the show creator.

“Every time we’ve gone into this storyline with Milo and Mandy, these characters in this timeline, it’s the reality of a long marriage that’s withstood a lot of different things in a lot of different stories in a lot of different time periods,” show creator Dan Fogelman explained to Variety.

In the episode titled “Moonshadow,” Rebecca was at wit’s end that she decided to take a break, which meant Jack had to pack up his bags and leave. However, before he left, Jack told his wife that she’s not just his great love story and said that she was “my big break and my love story.”

However, Fogelman told the fans that they’re optimistic about the couple’s love story when the second season of the NBC show opens.

“It’s not like we’re going to come back in season 2 and they’re going to be divorced and dropping the kids off for the weekend. We’re not going that quick and that far,” she said and added that Rebecca’s reaction to her husband’s romantic speech was a sign of hope.

The series creator hinted that in season 2, questions over Jack’s death would be answered. The audience would get to see if Rebecca was at his side during his last hour.

As for the Pearson’s triplets, the 18th episode showed Randall (Sterling K. Brown) planning to adopt a baby and Kate (Chrissy Metz) on pursuing a singing career. With his ex-wife’s support, Kevin (Justin Hartley) was off to meet the filmmaker for a possible starring role in a movie.

“We’ll continue with those storylines,” said Fogelman when asked how their lives turn out in the next season for the trio.

As of this time, “This Is Us” season 2 doesn’t have an airdate yet.