'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' preview: Kathyn confronts Faye Resnick on OJ case; Vanderpumps confront Yolanda on Lyme disease claim


It seems like with the addition of Kathryn Edwards to “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” the show has decided to capitalize on the 20-year-old OJ Simpson case.

Edwards was married to one of OJ’s best friends, Marcus Allen, who was rumored to be in a relationship with OJ’s wife Nicole Simpson at the time the controversial case happened, Chron reported.

While no longer married to Allen, the latest housewife seemed to be unable to detach herself from the famous case as Lisa Rinna, upon seeing her for the first time in 20 years, uttered “OJ!”

Adding to the awkwardness is Eileen’s declaration that she too dated Marcus Allen.

Still, Kathryn seems to hit it off with other cast members when she declared that she liked animals more than some people, winning over Lisa Vanderpump from the get go. She also revealed that she is now married to another football player Donnie Edwards, who is nine years her junior.

In the next episode, Carter Matt revealed that there will be an even more exciting development as Kathryn prepares to confront Faye Resnick about the book she wrote about the OJ case implicating her former husband in the case.

“Lisa Vanderpump takes a tour of the space that Ken wants for a new restaurant, and it turns out to be a sex shop! Eileen flies to Italy to spread her sister’s ashes. Kyle hosts a BBQ where the main course is confrontation: Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump question Yolanda’s claim that her children have Lyme disease, and Kathryn finally confronts Faye Resnick about a 20-year-old grudge,” the synopsis read.

The episode is expected to be tension filled as the confrontation between Kathryn and Faye seems like a time bomb waiting to explode, especially given that it has been looming for the past two decades.

The report also said that another confrontation will take place when Yolanda’s claim that her children have Lyme disease is questioned by Lisa. Also, Kyle will also be a source of interesting developments.