The Good Wife season 7 spoilers, cast: Teaser shows a different Alicia; Showrunner Robert King suggests her Catholic roots may stop romance going further with Alex


Trailer for season seven of “The Good Wife” is here and it shows a seemingly brand new Alicia Florrick.

Shared by E! Online exclusively, Julianna Margulies’s character states, “For the first time in my life, I don’t have to answer to anyone.” The new season follows her journey after the death of Will Gardner in season five, losing the State Attorney’s election and having one last drink with Kalinda Sharmer.

She will be dealing with her husband Peter Florrick’s bid for public office as the vice president of the United States while she interacts with “the devil” colleague Louis Canning. In order to help Peter, Eli Gold will hire Ruth Eastman to be portrayed by guest star, Margo Martindale.

In addition to Martindale, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jane Curtin, Christopher McDonald, Bridget Regan and Mo Rocca will make short appearances.

Morgan will have the character of Cush Jumbo also known as Alex, a new investigator working under Alicia.

Co-creator Robert King teases to TV Line that the two will have a romantic connection with their chemistry described as “tactile.” However, “the Catholic-girl part” in Alicia may hinder her from pursuing any extramarital affair.

Moreover, what may complicate things between them is Peter’s attempt in portraying a happy family image for the purpose of running for position, “One of the things Peter can [use as campaign leverage] is a marriage that went to the brink and now is happy although reality is different from public perception. Peter knows, without Alicia, he’s just a John who overpaid for a hooker.” Moreover, it is revealed that Alex is actually part of the rival firm Lockhart, Agos and Lee.

King added that Alicia will also struggle with her law career as she launches a new practice without a capital and she will be paid “$135-a-case as a bar attorney in bond court.”

Season seven of The Good Wife premieres on October 4.