'The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt' DLC: New Game Plus expansion out now for Xbox One users


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt players on Xbox One will be the first to enjoy the New Game Plus DLC released developers CD Projekt RED.

The final piece of free DLC for the game enables players who have completed the game to start over, all while retaining skills and items gathered from the original game such as money, recipes and gear. They won’t have their Gwent cards, usable items and trophies in the New Game Plus campaign as they would need to earn these again, reported TechTimes.

The DLC poses a new challenge for the players as enemies are much more powerful and difficult to conquer.

While there are a lot of cool aspects to the challenge, there are also some drawbacks as those who are level 30 or higher will start the game at the same level as those who started the game below them as they will be bumped up to Level 30 upon embarking on the New Game Plus. Players will also be able to reset previously selected skills via Clearing Potion at the start of the game, reported IGN.

The DLC is now available for download on the Microsoft console. The DLC has a size of 9.51 MB.

Meanwhile, the DLC for the PC and PS4 versions are still pending release but hopes remain high that they will be following shortly.

After the DLCs, fans of the game can look forward to at least two more expansions for the game, as confirmed Projekt RED.

While there is still limited information about the expansions, one is rumored to feature the character Shani.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has received much praise from gaming reviewers for its rich, expansive and open world along with its excellent combat and RPG gameplay.