'The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt': short cuts to level-up


Having trouble levelling up? Or maybe just a player who want to rush to the level cap of &0 and be virtually unstoppable early on? Here are some tips on how to effectively grind for more XP, all courtesy of WhatsMyGame. While these does not use any hack tolls or cheat engines, these exploit glitches within the game.

Spam on the Drowners

This is probably the second easiest way to earn a lot of XP without using a cheat tool or hack software. However, this might be also the most tiresome and boring method of all. But if one really wants to level up faster, a little patience is worth it.

Either way, Geralt will need to go to a certain island, west of Velen (refer to the video for the exact location). Geralt must be equipped with a crossbow to do this. Upon diving, Geralt will be faced with a number of Drownersmore specifically, three of them at a time. Kill them with the crossbow, and Geralt will be awarded with 7XP for each Drowner. Now, turn around 360 degrees and another set of three Drowners will come attacking. Kill it and earn 7XP for each. Repeat the process until level desired is achieved or until player gets worn out by the process.

Keep losing on those fistfights

This method can be done on Skellige Island, after completing the Possessions and The Lord of Undvik side quests. In the King’s Gambit mission, Geralt will be pit against other men in an attempt to prove their strength. Losing will let him earn 50XP.

Since the game allows players to keep gained XP even after losing, Geralt can again fight and earn another 50. Repeat the process until desired level is achieved. Take note though, that once players get through this part of the mission, it cannot be replayed, therefore is only accessible once. But it can be left unfinished and the main quest would go on.

Pester the guy on the Path of Warriors

Still on the Skellige Island, this one is on the Path of Warriors mission. After getting the Trial of Dexterity token, talk to the man sitting on the Path of Warriors. That gains Geralt 50XP. Go backwards to the beginning of the path (the two tower-like posts), and go talk to the man again for another 50XP. Repeat and repeat until desired level is achieved.