The Witcher 3 News: content update brings 'Where the Cat and the 'Wolf Play' quest


‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’ is said to get an all new content update that will allow the players to see some big changes to the gameplay.

The CD Projekt Red has been giving the players more to look forward to from the game by releasing DLCs every week since the launch of the game. The DLC content mostly consists of small armor sets, cosmetic upgrades, and quick quests.

According to a report the Express, the latest set of DLC content comes with a new side quest of ‘Where the Cat and the ‘Wolf Play.’

According to a report by Game Spot, which gives an official description of the DLC is as follows:

“Explore a forgotten village and discover its terrifying secret. Find out who or what slaughtered its inhabitants and use all your witcher skills to confront this mysterious force.”

The new contract for the Witcher DLC content can be accessed in Oreton village in Velen, and it is said that the neighboring city of Honorton is facing nasty problems with a poltergeist.

The ‘Witcher 3,’ which was launched back on May, promised to release around 16 DLCs by the first week of July for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One platforms around the world.

Reportedly, CD Projekt Red is working on a few more new details for the next update, as announced by the CD Projekt Red Community Manager Marcin Momot. He said that the game will be taken upto 1.07 on PC and 1.06 versions on the PS4 and Xbox One platforms. Also, a personal chest can be expected in the subsequent updates.

Speaking to the Express, about the possible release of a patch and an enhanced inventory, Momot said, “I won’t get into super details here but something is in the works and it should please a lot of people.”