'The Witcher 3' game rumor: 'Blood and Wine' expansion to be released April 26


There is another piece of good news for fans of “The Witcher” game as the “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” is rumored to have another expansion, and it is happening soon. If the rumor turns out to be true, those playing “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” will find themselves engaged in more adventures as the DLC pack for the game titled “Blood and Wine” may be released next month.

The said expansion pack is reportedly being developed by CD Projekt RED. Yibada cited a report saying that the game expansion will be released on April 26. While it is true that release date is yet to be confirmed, Yibada notes that there is a high probability that it will, indeed, happen, as the game developer had earlier said that the DLC would be available within the first half of the year.

Yibada opines that in the event that “Blood and Wine” will be released on the said date, it will perfectly sync with the day when the game’s “Hearts of Stone” expansion was released: Tuesday. This is not a mere coincidence though. Yibada reports that the game’s developer has a track record of releasing its games around the same time. This further bolsters the possibility that “Blood and Wine” may finally be out on April 26.

However, there are also reports claiming that the expansion pack won’t be available until June. With the April 26 date remaining unconfirmed, the rumor saying that it will be available next month should just be taken in stride, at least until an official statement from the game developer validates the highly suspected release date.

Meanwhile, once “Blood and Wine” is out, players can supposedly engage in roughly 20 hours of gameplay, making it almost twice as longer than “Hearts of Stone.” Additionally, the expansion will supposedly feature the new region of Toussaint as its backdrop.

Toussaint is said to be peaceful. However, the knights in region are said to be hiding an age-old and bloody secret behind a ritual. As to what the “bloody secret” is, gamers can only find out once the expansion pack is released, hopefully this April 26.