'The Witcher 3' DLC rumors: New weapons, boss fights, first person mode, release date leaked?


The community of gamers of CD Projekt Red’s fantasy RPG title “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” are waiting for the release of the game’s Blood and Wine DLC. The latest leak appeared to have the answers.

Last month, a member of the official “The Witcher 3” forum, DarthasBinar, shared information about the upcoming Blood and Wine expansion pack. The leakster mentioned many things, including new weapons, boss fights, first person mode, and the DLC’s supposed release date.

According to the alleged leak, the game’s protagonist Geralt will receive a new Bone Sword that apparently is connected to a new expansion “VIBE” called “Brotherhood of the Wolf.” New armors will come in the form of alternate upgrades. A new NPC type will also supposedly change armor colors.

In addition, Geralt is said to receive a new combat animation as well as a new boss fight. The upcoming boss fight will reportedly be equivalent to the Kraken monster boss fight in “The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.”

The leakster also mentioned a minimum level requirement for “The Witcher 3” Blood and Wine DLC which is set at level 40. There will also allegedly be two standard game endings and one secret ending. Plus the developer is said to be working on a new first person mode.

Last but not least, the leakster also revealed that the expansion pack will roll out “early June.”

The post was immediately deleted from the forum but not before someone reposted it to Reddit, although that too has been removed as well. Although some fans might have had their hopes up with the alleged leak, DarthasBinar has already revealed that this hope is in vain. The leakster admitted in the game’s official forum that there was really no leak.

“About the ‘leaked’ info. Just for the record, before everyone loses their minds.” DarthasBinar wrote in a thread. “There is no leak, just pure speculation, predictions and a little bit of good old trolling.”

In January, CD Projekt Red said that the Blood and Wine DLC is still months away. “The Witcher 3” is currently playable on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.