'The Winds of Winter' release date news: could the sixth book in the series be released in October?


“The Winds of Winter” makes a strong case of being one of the most anticipated novels this year and it could remain that way if author George R.R. Martin keeps on delaying its release. But to be fair though, the sixth novel in the epic series, “A Song of Ice and Fire” could very well be the best so far, which means no matter how long fans have to wait for it, it’ll still be a hit.

Rumors have it that while eager fans are becoming more and more disappointed because of the delays, Martin himself could actually be gearing up for a huge surprise by way of releasing the book in time for the 20th anniversary of the first novel in the epic series.

Should this rumor have some bit of truth to it, then it means that “The Winds of Winter” may be up for a release on Oct. 18 since earlier reports confirmed that the special anniversary “Game of Thrones” book titled “A Game of Thrones: The Illustrated Edition” will be launched at that exact date.

The 67-year-old American best-selling author himself revealed via Live Journal the existence of the limited edition book intended for the anniversary.

Finally, there also are speculations that “The Winds of Winter” novel will be up for launch right before the season 7 premiere of the HBO television adaptation of the epic series, “Game of Thrones.” But then again, all of these are mere rumors as of the moment. The truth is the only one who knows when the book will be made available is Martin, who in the past several months has been criticized for the lack of progress. However, the author is no stranger to it since many of his readers also did the same when it took him six years to release the fifth novel, “A Dance with Dragons,” after the fourth one, “A Feast for Crows.”