'The Winds of Winter' release date news: No definitive launch date, possible contents of the unreleased book revealed


The worldwide success of the HBO original series “Game of Thrones” has catapulted author George R.R. Martin into household name status. It then comes as no surprise that the enormous fan base of the series would try to find out the upcoming plot based on the unreleased book, “The Winds of Winter,” which, unfortunately, has no set release date yet.

According to Entertainment Weekly, rumors of when the book will be finished has been shot down by Martin’s U.S. publisher Random House. They have released a statement, saying, “As his publisher, we support George R.R. Martin as he works hard to finish ‘The Winds of Winter.’ Any on-sale dates currently listed online for the novel are incorrect.”

Martin explained in his blog post that he is not yet done writing the book, much to his own disappointment. He expounded further, saying that the writing did not come off as quickly as he wanted it to be. Martin also illustrated he does a lot of rewriting and restructuring in his novels.

Ty Franck, one of his former assistants, understood how Martin works.

Franck explained that during the times he was working with Martin, he noticed how he would sit in front on his computer and wait for inspiration to strike. He also attests to what Martin mentioned in his blog post about rewriting and restructuring his work, and that he is comfortable doing that, Light Speed Magazine reports.

There are no updates yet as to the possible content of the much-anticipated novel, although Martin did give fans a quick glimpse of what he was trying to conceptualize years ago.

In an interview with Smarter Travel, he said that a lot has been left unresolved at the end of the preceding book, “A Dance with Dragons,” and that a resolution will be seen on “The Winds of Winter.” He further explained that the story may kick off with the two epic battles on the ice and at Meereen.

Fans are left to imagination as everyone waits for when the novel will be finished.