'The Winds of Winter' release date: George R.R. Martin shares he still has many pages to write for the novel


Although there is no announcement yet regarding a definite date for the release of the much-awaited “The Winds of Winter,” author George R.R. Martin recently revealed that he is going back to occupying himself with more work after his appearance at this year’s Emmy Awards.

The writer of the highly popular novel series “A Song of Ice and Fire” took to his personal blog to share his gratitude for the wins the adapted television show “Game of Thrones” garnered on the said awards night. It received a total of 12 awards including directing, writing and Outstanding Drama Series for two consecutive years. These gave the TV drama the record for the most wins by a primetime scripted series.

“Congrats to all, and especially to [showrunners] Dan [Weiss] and Dave [Benioff], who have put together a truly amazing team and made some television history in the process,” he stated. Martin ended the note saying that he is back home and he has a lot to catch up on due to his tight and busy schedule.

Some fans believe that he may be pertaining to the continuous development of the sixth book in the franchise. In an interview with Deadline, he revealed that he has still to write many pages for the project, “I do have thousands of pages of fake history of everything that led up to ‘Game of Thrones,’ so there’s a lot of material there and I’m writing more.”

Despite the seeming revelation, the novelist quickly clarified that the details are just ideas and nothing has been set in stone for the meantime. He added that as of the moment, most of what is being said are just speculations as they still have a show and two more books to finish.

Random House also straightened the record that “The Winds of Winter” will not be released in March 2017. More information about the book may be made known in the following months.