'The Winds of Winter' release date: Draft rumored to have been lost by George R.R. Martin; book to be further delayed?


Renowned author George R.R. Martin is once again the talk of the town as the award-winning writer is rumored to have pushed further the release of the sixth installment in his “A Song of Ice and Fire” series, “The Winds of Winter.”

Speculations also suggest that the author, who is also a writer on the hit HBO series “Game of Thrones,” may have lost the draft of the much-awaited book. As a result, the famed novelist has remained tight-lipped about its release. However, reports have said that Martin has assured fans that he will reveal the novel’s availability as soon as he’s finished writing it.

Reports say that Martin seemed to have lost track of his work which eventually led to the rumored loss of the novel’s typescript. Fortunately, this was doused by other reports stating that the author has a special DOS-based program that syncs to a backup server so every time he makes progress, it is instantly saved.

Moreover, there is also talk that’s been making rounds as of late that Martin may have some health concerns that he has to prioritize in the meantime before he can go on with writing the book. It’s a known fact that Martin is in his late 60s and given his age, it’s quite expected for one to incur ailments. Nonetheless, fans of both book and TV series are a bit distraught over the fact that the novelist might not finish his work and leave his readers hanging.

The rumor mill is also spinning that fans of the book might snub HBO’s TV adaptation of the best-selling fantasy series due to the continued delay of the long-awaited literary installment.