'The Winds of Winter' release date update: Amazon France listing turns out to be a hoax


There’s never been a book in the epic fantasy series “A Song of Ice and Fire” that’s more coveted and anticipated than “The Winds of Winter.” Of course, a huge part of the rapidly growing interest in the upcoming book is the fact that it has something to do with HBO’s critically acclaimed and highly popular television adaptation, “Game of Thrones.”

But one thing that’s keeping fans a bit disappointed is that author George R.R. Martin has been taking longer than usual in releasing the new book. In fact, there still is no official date and the American novelist is continuously refusing to give in to fan clamor by providing a definite release date. Well, everyone went into frenzy several days back when Amazon France put up a listing of the book, in the process implying that its release was imminent.

Sad to say, Martin’s U.S. publisher, Random House, quickly denied the veracity of the supposed leak and released a statement via Entertainment Weekly. “As his publisher, we support George RR Martin as he works hard to finish ‘The Winds of Winter.’ Any on-sale dates currently listed online for the novel are incorrect. Once we have a publication date for ‘The Winds of Winter,’ the world will know,” the publisher said.

Per Christian Times, Martin may still not be ready to make an announcement of the book’s completion since he already told everyone several months back that the novel will be delayed due to several factors, most notably his health. More specifically, the sixth book of the series was intended to be released before season 6 of the TV adaptation; however, it did not materialize. Now, production for the seventh season of “Game of Thrones” is well underway, suggesting that the events and storyline will deviate from the novel series.

At this point, fans are just hoping that “The Winds of Winter” will finally have an official date of release for next year.