The Winds of Winter release date a possible February or March release to beat Game of Thrones season 6, translation work already being done


Fans have been irked by the long wait for George R.R. Martin’s The Winds of Winter release given that the book prior to it, A Dance of Dragons, was already released four years back. Along with this, Game of Thrones season six, which bases its story on Martin’s novel, is already up around spring next year. Earlier on, there were rumors that the book may come around March timing and this may just come true.

On the Polish website called Piesnloduiognia, it was reported that Michal Jakuszewski is already translating the manuscript into Polish, notes Yibada. 

This is a strong implication that the English version is done and is just gearing up for the final steps needed in the book such as translating and publishing. Should it go well, rumors indicate that The Winds of Winter may be released around February or March 2016 timing, ahead of the sixth installment of Game of Thrones, which is expected around April. Given that the series is adapted from the book, it is unclear as to what extent will The Winds of Winter will influence the storyline of Game of Thrones season six.

The Winds of Winter has been long-anticipated and was further hyped up when Martin earlier teased that he had thought of a new twist in the story, saying in an interview with Entertainment Weekly: “This is going to drive your readers crazy, but I love it. I’m still weighing whether to go that direction or not. It’s a great twist.”

He further teased that there may be more than one character involved.

“And with the various three, four characters involved… it all makes sense. But it’s nothing I’ve ever thought of before. And it’s nothing they can do in the show, because the show has alreadyon this particular charactermade a couple decisions that will preclude it, where in my case I have not made those decisions.”

Despite all the hype, Martin has hinted in his blog called Not a Blog that the book is not yet done. No official announcement has been made by Martin on the matter.