'The Walking Dead' season 7 spoilers: Steven Yeun, Norman Reedus reportedly seen on way to set


When the seventh season of “The Walking Dead” airs, fans will finally know who was killed by Negan at the end of season 6. Viewers are mostly speculating that either Daryl (Norman Reedus) or Glenn (Steve Yeun) was the one who died. However, there may be a possibility that neither of them died.

According to reports, the two actors were seen travelling to Peachtree City, Georgia where the set for the seventh season is located. While they were both on their motorcycles, they encountered a car accident, and the actors helped save the people inside the car.

When the paramedics arrived, Reedus and Yeun left as mentioned by Inquisitr.

When the news reached fans, speculations started popping online that both of the actors may still be alive since they were on their way to the set. However, if the scenes that they may be shooting involve flashbacks or backstories where both characters are present, it is possible that one of them may have died.

Moreover, there are rumors that season 7 will start with the viewers instantly finding out who was killed. Greg Nicotero, executive producer, mentioned that they recently started with the production. He further explained that the murder scene with Negan was not fully filmed during last year’s production, and they will just film it this year.

Fans of “The Walking Dead” can expect the show to return to the small screens in October 2016.