'The Walking Dead' spoilers, cast news: New cast member Pollyanna McIntosh speaks on her new role


The seventh season of “The Walking Dead” is about to end, and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his troupe took a deadly detour at a junkyard this time. In the last episode, titled “New Best Friends,” the Scavengers were introduced along with their female leader named Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh). But, is she really a friend?

“She’s full of mystery, this one,” McIntosh described her character in her recent interview with Entertainment Weekly.

In her first appearance on the show, Jadis seemed odd and used language and communication at a minimum. She speaks less and uses gestures more. Adding to the weirdness of her character are her hair style and her choice of clothes.

The actress who plays the role explained that the female leader was created to be someone who “knows that other people don’t know” in order to keep distance and a bit of intimidation to herself. As for the physical appearance, McIntosh thought it’s edgy and outsider looking.

“They’ve got something that marks them out amongst themselves as being part of this group and this almost army, and then it also kind of gives us a bit of a weird, intimidation separation from outsiders, too,” the new cast member depicted her people’s character in the zombie-themed series.

In episode 10, Jadis challenged Rick to one-on-one combat with a spiky monster. If he won the duel, the Scavengers would join them to fight against Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) hostile group, the Saviors. Rick appeared bewildered and amused with Jadis’ unusual behavior.

“It’s funny, when we were doing that little negotiation scene after he’d come out of the pit we had a lot of fun with that,” said 37-year-old McIntosh and added that she enjoyed working with the British actor as he’s free and committed to his role.

After filming the scene, Lincoln told McIntosh that he had fun with the bargaining scene, which made the latter felt very welcome and accepted.

The next episode of AMC’s highly-acclaimed series is scheduled to air on Feb. 26.