'The Walking Dead' season 7 rumors: Production may be heading to the Golden Isles for filming


It looks like Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his gang are about to go places in AMC’s hit TV series “The Walking Dead.”

According to Patch, Stalwart Films, the production company that produces “The Walking Dead,” has recently gained permission from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Coastal Resources Division to film on Jekyll Island’s Driftwood Beach sometime in mid-August.

In the request submitted by the production company, one scene will feature four cast members and “a human corpse half buried in a small tidal pool,” while another body gets washed up on shore further down the coast and is eventually revived.

Another scene that involves an actor waddling through marsh is scheduled to film on the east side of nearby Riverview Drive.

Stalwart Films also produces three other Georgia-based series, including “The Walking Dead” spinoff “Fear the Walking Dead,” “Turn,” and “Halt and Catch Fire.”

While there has been no official word which particular show the filming request is for, speculations about it being “The Walking Dead” are strong since the comic book on which the series is based has already introduced an Oceanside community, according to the International Business Times.

According to the Inquisitr, the highly popular AMC series has reportedly just wrapped up filming for the season 7 mid-season finale and The Spoiling Dead Fans is speculating that another member of Rick’s group may have just been killed by Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) based on telltale signs they have observed in previous shoots. This includes the transportation van that usually appears on set when a character is about to die, and reports that the midseason finale party seemed to be a farewell for an unnamed cast member.

If this is so, the alleged beach scenes may most likely be shown during the second half of season 7 since filming has yet to begin on Jekyll Island.

Whether or not “The Walking Dead” actually makes it to the coast, season 7 is already starting to look dreary for the residents of Alexandria as Negan takes leadership away from Rick when “The Walking Dead” returns to AMC on Sunday, Oct. 23. at 9 p.m. EDT.