'The Walking Dead' season 7 news: Greg Nicotero talks about the pressure of directing episode 1


Coming from one of the biggest cliffhangers in TV history, “The Walking Dead” is gearing up for a mind-blowing season 7 and for them to do that, they have to do premiere right. The pressure is very much acknowledged by veteran show producer Greg Nicotero who had the privilege of helming the much anticipated and dreaded episode.

“You take these actors and you drag them. You illicit the deepest, darkest fears that they’ve ever had because our actors, they’re f—ing in it,” Nicotero told Comicbook.com in a recent interview. “So, you spend two weeks taking them to this place and it’s horrific. You do it, over and over again for nine days and when it’s over, you feel like you’ve just witnessed the most emotional things that they could drench up. They did it. And then I ask them to do it again and then again and then we’re gonna change angle and do it again.”

Originally from the aesthetics department, the special makeup effects creator has been on the same spot before. All throughout the supposed to be seven seasons of the show, he has directed a total of 16 episodes including the upcoming premiere. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that his latest gig behind the camera is the one having the most weight and not just because fans can hopefully find out who Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan hit with Lucille. More than that, the show will somehow have to prove to fans that the squeaker they pulled off last season will be totally worth the wait. It can be remembered that “The Walking Dead” drew some flak even from its loyal fan base from withholding the information from them.

This creative decision was addressed mainly by the comic book creator Robert Kirkman, apologizing for the agony but standing by their choice. He then tried to appease followers by promising a mind-blowing season 7. As for Nicotero, he explained in a separate sit down with Entertainment Weekly that he sees it like they were trying to open some new plot points that can be later explored.

“We were laying the seeds for the fact that there is a very big world out there. So, in season 7, we really get a chance to explore those worlds in much greater detail,” he was quoted saying.

“The Walking Dead” season 7 is expected to return to AMC on October 23, as revealed during the show’s panel at the San Diego Comic-Con.