The Walking Dead season 6 trailer showcases Rick vs Morgan stand-off and Alexandria safe zone under threat; Daryl's fate hangs in the balance


We have to hand it to the trailer makers’ brains (pun intended!) for driving The Walking Dead fans crazy with their season 6 trailer at the San Diego Comic Con. The end result led to a heated debate in a Reddit thread, numerous social media references, and blow by blow accounts of the details on various websites. It is quite palpable everywhere that the fever for these walkers among Walking Dead fans can hardly be contained.

According to Christian Today, Rick was shown at first quarreling with Morgan, his old friend. However, feverish fans posted their own thoughts on the trailer. A Reddit user claims that the Rick vs Morgan slant of the story is misleading or a red herring that fans should not buy. Comic readers of The Walking Dead will also agree with this Reddit user who believes that the trailer is meant to derail and create some surprise during the actual turn of events when it airs this October.

The other part of the trailer involves the gruesome zombies and the wolves, newly introduced and inspired by The Scavengers on The Walking Dead comic book series. Some foreshadowing of the wolves occurred in season 5 when they carved out the letter W to some of the walkers. Also shown in the trailer is Corey Hawkins, the newest cast member who plays the role of Heath from Alexandria. The trailer was pretty consistent with what Scott Gimple said about season 6 focusing on a back story for the show, according to Screen Crush. An interesting few seconds of airtime in the trailer focused on Enid’s character which progressed from a simple fearful walk in the grass to a blood stained car scene.

Screen Crush also noted that the zombies in this season hold a stark contrast to the sickly humans in Fear the Walking Dead and this will really be an entertaining transition that will unfold on TV.