'The Walking Dead' season 6 spoilers: Lauren Cohan talks about Maggie's fate, reaction to Glenn's disappearance


Ever since Glenn (Steven Yeun) seemingly died in the sixth season of “The Walking Dead” by falling into a zombie horde, fans of the show have been wondering how Maggie (Lauren Cohan) would deal with the loss. In the fifth episode titled “Now,” it was revealed that Maggie is pregnant, so she sets out to find Glenn and make sure that he is alive.

In an interview with Variety, Cohan said that her character is always optimistic. Even though Glenn has not come back, the actress explained that the group has always come back from worse things. “So when there is an option, always hope,” she added.

Asked about whether Maggie honestly believes that the events could have ended differently if she went with the group, Cohan said that it’s a bit of both. Maggie was left behind because the couple knew that there is a baby on the way. “She’s spewing her what ifs to Aaron and that’s definitely a consideration. They promised each other that they would never be apart again, and that’s a fact. And how the hell do you deal with that? It’s horrifying. This show really takes us through the wringer.”

On whether she knows about the fans’ reactions to Glenn’s death, the 33-year-old actress said that she does. She revealed that she always cries whenever she sees videos of people agonizing over what happened to her on-screen partner because for her and the fans, Glenn is the one who brings hope to the survivors in the show.

For those wondering about Maggie’s fate for the rest of the season, Cohan quips that her character will have to choose between her desires and resistance. “If you take war and potential loss of husband out of the equation and you just look at motherhood, and you just look at relationship with Deanna and you just look at new world having just lost sister and father, even if you took all those things away and just look at motherhood, it’s such a journey ahead.”

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