The Walking Dead Season 6 spoilers: Alexandrians attacked by The Wolves; Safe Zone harbors traitor


One of the main questions after last week’s episode was who sounded the horn that started the Walkers Rick and his group were leading out of the Safe Zone back towards Alexandria. But rather than simply answer the question and continue where the season premiere left off, Episode 2, entitled JSS focused on the attack on the Safe Zone, not by the expected Walkers but by a group called The Wolves.

During the episode, it was revealed that the sounding of the horn was an accident caused by Spencer as he tried to stop a tractor from barreling into the wall. All this was happening while The Wolves were staging an attack, hacking and brutally killing the ill prepared Alexandrians whose only hope at the moment was what remained of Rick’s group Carol, Maggie, Tara and Carl, reported IBTimes.

Luckily, the now peace loving Morgan returned just in the nick of time to try to save more Alexandrians from the massacre, and while he initially disagreed with Carol’s position in killing the intruders, he later changed tact and understood the need to eliminate the invaders. Among the episode’s highlights was Carol’s strategic way of infiltrating the enemy ranks to cause more damage while Morgan’s action sequences with the use of his staff also became noteworthy.

Much of the story revolved around establishing Enid’s backstory and the letters, JSS, which means Just Survive Somehow which she has started to write everywhere since she survived the Walker attack that killed her parents.

However, her habit of sneaking out of the Safe Zone became suspect when she tried to leave Alexandria at the height of the attack and when it was finally revealed that the enemy had all the layouts of the safe zone, indicating that one of the Alexandrians was feeding information to the Wolves, reported Forbes.

At the end of the episode, Rick and his party have yet to arrive back to Alexandria, and it remains to be seen what the aftermath of the attack will be and what impact the success or failure Rick’s mission will have on the community.

Episode 2 also saw the introduction of Dr. Denise Cloyd (Merritt Weaver).