'The Walking Dead' season 6, episode 13 spoilers: More killings ahead, something will happen to Caryl?


The tension and killings will continue in Sunday’s episode of “The Walking Dead” season 6.

With the story of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his gang unfolding in the previous episodes of the television series, along with the determination of Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his group to fight, it is almost certain that the upcoming episodes will see more bloodshed and deaths.

In the upcoming episode, titled “The Same Boat,” more dangers loom ahead of them, especially since Carol (Melissa McBride) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) were captured by Negan’s group in the previous episode of the show.

In the sneak peek, Rick will be successful in pulling a trigger to the head of one of the Saviors, who is believed to be their leader. Rick declared how this has to happen to him, but he clearly wants the job to be completed swiftly. However, it will be a surprise if the person is indeed Negan, as it will take more than that to finish him off. This may imply that Negan will be absent in the next few episodes, perhaps brewing more horrible stuff against Rick’s group.

Meanwhile, there are already predictions as to who will be killed off in episode 13 of the show. At the moment, Rick, Carl (Chandler Riggs), and Judith are still alive, but some of the names that are forecasted to die include Glenn (Steven Yeun), Abraham (Michael Cudlitz), Carol, or Daryl (Norman Reedus) may die. Still, fans will still have to try sitting tight throughout the episode to find out for themselves.

As for fans who are wondering about the relationship of Daryl and Carol, there are also rumors that there will be something about the two, which the fans will love, said an insider scoop from TVLine. Will they be progressing with “Caryl” amidst all the dangers surrounding them?

“The Walking Dead” season 6 will air episode 13 on Mar. 13 at 9 P.M. ET on AMC.