'The Walking Dead,' and 'Fear the Walking Dead' crossover is possible, says Robert Kirkman


With the success of the hit post-apocalyptic series “The Walking Dead” and the steady growing popularity of its spinoff “Fear the Walking Dead,” some fans are said to be speculating whether the prequel and its parent show will converge timelines at one point.

According to Comicbook, in his recent appearance at Hawaii Comic Con, creator of the original source materials Robert Kirkman was asked by a fan if there could be a potential crossover between the zombie-themed narratives. “They’re definitely not in the same timeline just because ‘Fear the Walking Dead,’ starts while Rick grimes is in a coma. So, ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season one to a certain extent happens inside of season one of ‘The Walking Dead,'” Kirkman explained.

However, if both of the shows will have many additional installments down the pipeline, the executive producer added that it is possible, “We’re already on season 7 and this one’s on season 2 and that would be crazy. As far as if those characters will ever encounter each other, I mean, they’re in the same universe so it’s completely possible.”

“Geographically, they’re no where near each other so it would be somewhat farfetched if group A were to somehow encounter group B unless over the course of many, many, many, many seasons somehow it made sense,” Kirkman further elaborated.

However, “Fear” showrunner Dave Erickson previously said during PaleyFest 2016 that the crossover would not happen. He cited two main reasons for this – one is that the “chronology is so far apart” and the other, “there is a continent” between the characters’ locations in their own stories.

“Fear the Walking Dead” is currently in its midseason break for season 2 and will be back on Aug. 21, while flagship show “The Walking Dead” is expected to return sometime in October.

Official synopsis for second half of “Fear” reads, “Clark, Manawa and Salazar families fracture. The events that took place at the Abigail compound have set all of our heroes adrift. Now they must forge their own paths to survive.”