'The Walking Dead' cast, plot news: Andrew Lincoln opens up about 'pit of hell' scene


AMC’s highly acclaimed “The Walking Dead” series has started its season 7 finale episodes where Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his troupe of zombie hunters have fallen into a junkyard. In the last episode, titled “New Best Friends,” Rick had to fight against an armored undead beast in order to save his cronies. It seemed such a horrific scene, but the actor who plays Rick felt otherwise.

“It was wild,” Lincoln described the set of the scrapyard duel scene in his recent chat with Entertainment Weekly. He called it a “crazy Mad Max landscape.”

Lincoln stated that the Atlanta weather was in their favor when he was “thrown into the pit of hell” and had to wrestle with his friend, Gino, who played the spiky zombie. “It was insane. I lost my mind that day,” the actor exclaimed.

“It was such a wild, strange departure for this show in a good way, in a really invigorating way, because it was pushing the envelope of what we’ve been known for,” the British actor added.

In episode 10, the show introduced Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh), the leader of the junkyard community. Although he has no idea about her role in the long run, Lincoln thinks that McIntosh nailed the character.

“There was a combative but also kind of a sexual, flirtatious, strange, weird dynamic that happened quite instantaneously,” Lincoln depicted the female character. He also said that Jadis has an amusingly odd behavior, but she looked strong and determined, and Rick appears to be inspired by her strangeness.

Speaking of the flirtation between the two characters, the 43-year-old actor asserted that showrunner Scott M. Gimple had given him a heads up about it. He said that Gimple would like to explore the freedom and humor of Rick’s character, which would bring lightness and discovery in the upcoming episodes.

Furthermore, the London-born actor hinted that Rick has gained an army, and he’s off to get the guns. He also dished that there’s an upcoming well-written “Rick-less” episode and that there will be a pinch of fun and hijinks with Rick and Michonne (Danai Gurira) in the future.