The Vampire Diaries season 7 Oct 8 premiere: TVD without Elena? The show draws inspiration from Game of Thrones; Mystic Falls to be plagued by Heretics


Mystic Falls will have to learn to deal with life without Elena Gilbert, the first time the show has been without its lead actress in six years.

In moving forward, series creator Julie Plec told Entertainment Weekly that the show took its cue from Game of Thrones when it killed off Ned Stark who in season 1 was the main character of the series.

“I always look back at Game of Thrones. At first I said well, ‘How could there be a show without Ned Stark?’ And then by season 2 I was like, ‘Ned who?’ And then after the Red Wedding I was like, ‘How could there be a show without the Starks?’ And then by season 4 I was just as invested in other characters, so there’s a way there that if you can tell good stories, people can survive the loss of their favorite. And we may come to learn that that’s not true for our show, we’ll see, but it feels good,” she said.

Still, it won’t be an uneventful season because the gang will be faced with a new threat called the Heretics.

Stefan and Damon’s Ripper mother Lily Salvatore who will be played by Annie Wersching, will also be wreaking havoc in town.

In a report by, aside from the villains, the show will return the focus to the relationship between the Salvatorre brothers.

The new promo for the season shows Stefan and Damon discussing the shared living arrangements with the Heretics.
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In the video, Damon is expressing his dissatisfaction over the Heretics living in the Salvatorre mansion while Stefan is trying to appease his brother saying that a deal has already been made and that the Heretics will not mess with them if they do not mind their activities.

In an earlier interview with series creator Julie Plec, she teased that the Heretics will be “messy, mean and perverse trouble makers of Mystic Falls.”

Meanwhile, Season 6 of the CW teen series may be appearing on Netflix on October 8, which is the same day as the Season 7 premiere, which leaves fans no time to catch up on the last season before diving in to the new adventures of the Salvatorre brothers and their group of friends, Fansided reported.

Based on the trends for the previous seasons, the online streaming site uploads the previous season’s content on the same day as the new season’s release, leaving hopeful fans little hope that Season 6 will be available at an earlier time.